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Mace Building is proud to welcome
Ruby Keys - 1st year apprentice to our Team


Ruby commenced with Mace Building on 16 November 2020, as a 1st year apprentice in Carpentry.

Ruby brings with her the enthusiasm and passion needed to become a successful and talented tradesperson.

Before Ruby commenced her career in Carpentry at 19 she travelled around Australia with her dog working as an assistant nurse, fruit picking and at a dog rescue.

Although she has a diverse background Ruby now believes she has picked the right career path. Her passion is to help people and give back to the community, in particular those less fortunate, this is one of her main motivators.

Coming into the industry for Ruby was challenging but rewarding, she knew that she had to become direct and assertive in what she wanted, and prove that she was capable of doing the physical work.  She believes that her hard work, ethics, resilience and the ability to mentally and physically push herself has been inspired by her mum.  The idea of being a role model for other women to get into the industry also encourages and motivates her to succeed in this chosen field.  "You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose" Ruby says.

After completing her apprenticeship Ruby wants to become involved in building sustainable tiny houses which would be affordable for underprivileged people.  She would love to travel to central Australia and use her carpentry skills to build suitable accommodation for indigenous people which would suit their lifestyle.

Ruby's passion for helping people shines through with everything she does whether it be her future aspirations or helping out in her spare time at "Food not bombs" providing free vegan meals for hungry people.  Ruby has previously raised funds and awareness for homelessness which gained her 2016 Young Citizen of the Year - Great Lakes.

We are proud to have Ruby as part of our team and look forward to helping her acquire the skills and knowledge needed to assist her in achieving her ambitions.

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